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CLICA will create a bottom-up and all-inclusive youth movement in support of the European Green Deal, aimed at systemically increasing the policy’s impact for youth residing in European peripheries, civic desserts, rural areas and remote communities that are at the frontlines of the European climate change crisis and are struggling to address the challenges that it creates. CLICA will create hybrid spaces that facilitate systematic co-creation and dialogue between youth, scientists, multidisciplinary creatives and policymakers, in order to generate solutions that increase the embedding of the European Green Deal (EGD) amongst youth communities that despite being at the forefront of the climate change crisis, they remain marginalized with their voices rarely heard at local and European levels. In order to achieve that, the project targets young people aged 18-30 years, with a particular focus on those who are from a disadvantaged background, reside in geographically remote regions of Europe and are facing imminent climate change challenges due to their locality. CLICA promotes informal learning and contributes to its role in developing young Europeans as agents of change. Youth will utilize artivism -merging of art and activism- as means of civic expression and political communication both with peers and policymakers in order to structure and communicate their ideas on how the EGD can impact their lives for the better. Partners, stakeholders and the community will capture local-EU narratives and ‘can do - can live’ attitudes, helping them assess how interventions and life choices of young people are civic actions that have political significance (Bennett 1999). This will create a two-way learning and dialogue that increase the penetration and impact of the EGD amongst youth communities as well as empower youth to position themselves at the center of the change that the policy is aiming to have.

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